Equipment – where do you get the most bang for your buck?


Reinhold said it best and I do thank you sir for writing that “Legends of Lycra Part:2” for me in my absence. What was revealed in the second installment of the LOL (legends of lycra) was an accumulation and affirmation of my preconceived notions re: this all too popular following in the XC world. I have to say it was draining. I can confidently tell you readers that I have never had less fun riding my bike as I did over the weeks spent riding with those guys and gals. Take this ridiculous bib and spandex short onesy and kill it, kill it with fire. I never want to see it again. Continue reading


TWH Blog presents Legends of Lycra Part 2: Group Rides

Group Rides. Something the red fox will never understand.

Welcome back, comrades! Prepare yourselves…for once again we enter the world of our enemy; to avoid any unnecessary anxiety, pace yourselves and, remember, you can always take a break from the computer screen. Unfortunately, the latter did not apply to Theodore, periling for weeks far behind enemy lines as a full-fledged xc warrior in his undercover efforts to bring to us all unparalleled insight from the Otherside. And I regret to inform our reader’s that, predictably, those dark weeks have taken their toll on good Theodore who has returned to us stricken and disturbed by what he experienced. Relieved of his writing duties for this piece, Theodore has checked himself into xc rehab and is out enjoying the trails in a comfortable pair of shorts. Without spandex, stopwatches, and a $10’000 bike, rehab can be a strict but necessary process. The overall mission of xc rehab, however, is to ENJOY the trails; something, he’s been indoctrinated against during his time trial missions with the enemy. We wish him luck. And for those wondering…yes, he did give up his team jersey voluntarily. It’s been safely disposed of. An important step in the right direction… Continue reading

Share the Road


Close your eyes and picture this all too familiar situation with me: You’re driving down a road you travel daily, 4 lanes of traffic two in your direction and two for the opposite flow. You notice a biker (pedal) in the distance, snugged up to the curb trying to avoid having his handlebars clipped by the side mirrors of the passing vehicles. So far no issue right? As a biker myself I know how intimidating it can be biking along busy streets hoping somebody’s mirror doesn’t hit your handlebars and sent you head over heels into traffic. Continue reading

TWH Blog presents Legends of Lycra Part 1: Log Piles

Log Piles. Nature’s feature.

In our efforts to bring you information from the front lines of the local mtb community, The Waterloo Hydrocut blog would like to introduce you to our first piece in the 5-part series, Legends of Lycra, which takes you on a comprehensive ride deep into the frightening world of the prototypical XC rider. Continue reading

The Most Important Test

I present our first examples in what will constitute our only entrance exam for membership. It is meant to be an elementary test.  If you see nothing wrong here, simply close your internet browser and never return to this blog again. After all, subsequent content will either offend or be entirely lost on you. If, on the other hand, one of these examples invokes a tolerable (even arousing) reaction while the other certainly does not, your on the right path. I will leave it to you to decide which one should invoke which response.


Powerbars and Spandex – Camaraderie be damned

Now I know that I don’t need to ask if this has happened to you because if you’ve been to the Waterloo Hydrocut at any frequency you will have undoubtably been given the stare down upon entering the parking lot off Glasgow / Ira Needles. This “stare down” or “gaze” as I prefer to call it really only comes from one type of rider, a type of rider that unfortunately makes up a decent chunk of the populus frequenting the trails:  the weight weenie in the Lycra/spandex outfit and the all carbon uberbike. I wont rip on the “way too much bike” you guys bring out the trails because I’m probably just jealous of your 10K masterpiece and wouldn’t turn one down if it came my way. HOWEVER, I will rip on your ridiculous lycra outfit and asshole, elitist attitude towards your fellow riders…please, read on. Continue reading

What is your hydrocut?

This is an unofficial blog about the waterloo hydrocuts. Written anonymously and meant precisely to infuriate some, vindicate others, and act as a ventiliation vehicle for yours truly. The opinions expressed are just that. Its not my intention to promulgate hate or discrimination…these are simply my off the cuff writings…if someone interprets them as a necessitating a vigilante war, thats there perogative and not mine. I do not condone any such thing. Continue reading

Weight Weenies

Weight Weenies

This! Don’t do it.