Rain days…

You know when you plan a ride a few days in advance? Maybe you’re going out with the same old crew, or perhaps your buddy finally caved and bought a decent bike. You make a plan that works with everyone’s busy schedules and when the day finally arrives you are PSYCHED to get to the cuts after work… but then, the sky get’s darker…

Rain sucks. It’s only made worse when they day starts so beautifully, sun in the sky and a cool breeze in the air. Then as I sat in my office, I watched as Mother Nature decided to unleash her furry and ruin my plans. It’s such a simple pleasure, to enjoy a brisk jaunt through the Hydrocuts after work; it truly does make my day. You see I spend my days cooped up in an office, working a career that could be better. It’s the bike rides, the ultimate frisbee games and the hikes with my wife and dog that keep me motivated. I love you MN but this was a bitch move and it is certainly not appreciated.
Time to reschedule,



Flow baby, Flow

I’ll get straight to the point here, we need more flow in the Hydrocut. I’m all for the twisted single track that we now have but a little variety beyond the few flowy sections would be a happily welcomed addition to the cut….
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Trolls in The Forest – What Igor meant to say…probably


An article was just sent my way via the good folks at the WCC – Hydrocut blog, you can see it here: (http://hydrocut.ca/trolls-in-the-forest/) The Article talks about an all too frequent problem in the trails… trash. Trash has no business on the trails plain and simple. You brought it in there somehow yes? well bud you’ll need to take it with you the same way :)….. The author, “Igor” makes a good point when he asks this question:

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Equipment – where do you get the most bang for your buck?


Reinhold said it best and I do thank you sir for writing that “Legends of Lycra Part:2” for me in my absence. What was revealed in the second installment of the LOL (legends of lycra) was an accumulation and affirmation of my preconceived notions re: this all too popular following in the XC world. I have to say it was draining. I can confidently tell you readers that I have never had less fun riding my bike as I did over the weeks spent riding with those guys and gals. Take this ridiculous bib and spandex short onesy and kill it, kill it with fire. I never want to see it again. Continue reading

Share the Road


Close your eyes and picture this all too familiar situation with me: You’re driving down a road you travel daily, 4 lanes of traffic two in your direction and two for the opposite flow. You notice a biker (pedal) in the distance, snugged up to the curb trying to avoid having his handlebars clipped by the side mirrors of the passing vehicles. So far no issue right? As a biker myself I know how intimidating it can be biking along busy streets hoping somebody’s mirror doesn’t hit your handlebars and sent you head over heels into traffic. Continue reading