Flow baby, Flow

I’ll get straight to the point here, we need more flow in the Hydrocut. I’m all for the twisted single track that we now have but a little variety beyond the few flowy sections would be a happily welcomed addition to the cut….

If you’re like me, your favorite part of being a mountain biker is hitting a fast section through tight single-track, pumping in the trannies to boost speed, using the banks to the very best of their ability, catching some air over a table and really, having to pedal as little as possible (haha); If I can coast my way to the next slight decent without losing a bunch of speed, perfect.

Now before anybody says, “well you sound like more of a DH rider and the ydrocut is single-track/XC wooo SPANDEX!”   I know that. I know that the hydro’s are an XC/single-track dream for KW’s biking community and that is awesome. I know that we don’t have the hight or range of a place like say Kelso or Blue Mountain, I’m not asking for that. One trip down any number of the trails in there and it’s easy to see that we have some great spots with A LOT of undulation (Kamikaze).  Our trails are well designed (thank you WCC and Volunteers!!) and yes, we have hard climbs followed by some fun descents; take Monkey Boy, the majority of Camel, that section on Sweet Street(kinda),  and of course Frankenstein’s Bride. I’m not trying to say that these areas don’t exist, I’m just saying they could be better.

I think the Hydrocut board needs to just embrace some of these sections as fast and agile. Far too often is there a fun twisty section only to be disrupted by some stupid log pile at the trough of a fast decent or a corner that is far to sharp for the speed you could carry into it (eg. entry trail expert route). These “interruptions” hurt the flow of the trails, and in biking, flow is a big deal. But I’m not here to knock the cuts, I love those trails I really do; I just want them tweaked a touch. Every good system needs its updates and the guys who run the Hydrocuts know this. Being the socially aware biker I am, I’m not just going to start modding the trails… I’d actually love to help make this happen in there, but one question comes to mind, “why hasn’t this been addressed yet?” I can’t be the only rider who wants this… can I? 

So mighty board members, lend me your ears: Let fast sections be fast, build banked corners so we can CARRY momentum from your smooth descents, my brakes could use a break… see what I did there ;).




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