Trolls in The Forest – What Igor meant to say…probably


An article was just sent my way via the good folks at the WCC – Hydrocut blog, you can see it here: ( The Article talks about an all too frequent problem in the trails… trash. Trash has no business on the trails plain and simple. You brought it in there somehow yes? well bud you’ll need to take it with you the same way :)….. The author, “Igor” makes a good point when he asks this question:

“How is it then that the very attraction of the trip, can be treated with such a complete void of appreciation?”

An excellent question indeed Igor. Who are these idiots who obviously share our affinity for the outdoors yet, feel it’s “okay” to just shit all over trails with their trash? I think the answer here is actually present in the question itself; idiots.

Seriously, lets take a look at this picture here…. okay so it’s obvious they were using the trails, because you can see one there in the background. They probably took a break as many do, the trails are challenging so that’s okay. Wait a minute, is that a Coke, Ginger Ale, and an Aquafina? WTF? Who’s mid-ride beverage of choice is a friggin Coke or Ginger Ale? These guys are amatures folks, plain and simple. They obviously don’t get it and have zero respect for the trails or the efforts put in by the good folks who keep them in such good shape.

For all my fellow tree huggers and general lovers of nature: What if some poor defensless animal was using that crevas as a home to shelter it’s newborn spawn? well I’ll tell you, they’re likely all dead now thanks to a healthy dose of high fructos corn syrup, aluminum, and BPA’s off that aquafina…There, now it hit home a little eh? yeah.

Unfortunately I don’t see this problem going away easily. People are just going to be shitheads some times and the rest of us are just going to have to deal with it. I would hope that our readers… all 10 of you (lol) are all decent respectfull riders. I know my fellow authors and I may at times ride a fine line between respect and disrespect but we mean it in fun (kinda). On the trails, I leave no footprint, I respect obstacles and other riders and you all should too. We have mentioned the element of community within this amazing action sport multiple times so let’s put it in practise and all do our part to stop guys and gals who do stuff like this. If you see it CALL IT OUT!! I will personally be making it very uncomfortable for anyone participating in this bs… Cheers





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