The Campaign Begins

This weekend TWH comrades will be infiltrating the hydros. Enemies take note. If you see someone enjoying himself and greeting other riders, that’s probably one of us. Or it could just be a really nice guy. Fair warning to the latex lovers: relax your time trial missions and try to have fun or face the wrath of our guerilla campaign. What does that campaign involve? Oh nothing much. Just the full onslaught of friendliness and comradery. Unstoppable, apocalyptic winds of courtesy.  The eternal malice of enjoyment.  A chaotic fury of altruism. All powered by the fundamentalist, radical belief that sometimes trail riding is just supposed to be fun. Blasphemy, you say!? Heresy, you cry!? Oh yeah boys, its on.

Turning your f$cking hide,

Reinhold, Theodore, and the comrades at arms

If you do happen to see us in the bush, would you bring us some snacks?



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