Helmet Cams To The Infinity And Beyond

Filming most of my rides would be an exhausting activity. I can anticipate this.  Hitting the record button has the tendency to take one from a solitary recreational rider to a Red-Bull sponsored international superstar.  I begin looking to hit obstacles I’ve never had the desire to hit, “maybe I COULD do a 3 over that stump…”.  My pace, regardless of how well I’ve progressed, is totally unacceptable, “Stinky Girl in 7 MINUTES! Come on, man! That’s terrible.” Anything else but me becomes the culprit, “This dam trail is not designed properly. This dam derailleur can’t handle me. And this bike is soooo heavy”. All for the sake of my video, which must be flawless. Who cares if you blow a knee dropping that gap when you might get video part of the year. Red-bull will pick up the recovery tab.  I’ll just do interviews and focus on designing my pro gear for a while, right?

Didn’t get any respect in high school? We understand. Throw this baby on and self-actualize, son.

Once that record button goes, you are on exhibition.  And that exhibition can be eternal. Downloaded, saved, and cemented in time until hell freezes over (or, until I really do get signed by Red-Bull). It’s there. Sure, you can edit exponentially. Delete that part where you fell trying to get out of your pedals. Skip over that one difficult section of Kamikaze, everyone does anyway.  But, this is exhausting too.  Witnessing the true face of my riding, I would spend days in the editing room trying to make myself look like a god.  Editing programs these days are so sophisticated this just may be possible but I would probably have to slice the video down to 30 seconds. The whole video would be me gearing up with a serious look on my face and nodding my head confidently as I put on my gloves, Red-Bull credits run over the screen as it fades out. The rest (i.e. my actual riding) would compromise that introduction.

What’s the alternative? Do nothing and let the video and my riding speak for itself. That takes some bravery especially if you’re going to broadcast it online.  Exposing oneself to the harsh comments of anonymous internet identities (Theodore and I are real guys, though. Seriously. We live on Glasgow St. and go to Boston Pizza every Wednesday) is a risky business.

But a lot of riders are prepared for it. And the important question becomes: is one camera ever enough?  The obvious answer is no.  And so TWH presents to you our collection of insane helmet cam setups….

Fully committed. Never miss an angle again.

Function and fashion. Use this set-up for long focus shots.

The Helmet Overlord. Chicks dig it.



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