What is your hydrocut?

This is an unofficial blog about the waterloo hydrocuts. Written anonymously and meant precisely to infuriate some, vindicate others, and act as a ventiliation vehicle for yours truly. The opinions expressed are just that. Its not my intention to promulgate hate or discrimination…these are simply my off the cuff writings…if someone interprets them as a necessitating a vigilante war, thats there perogative and not mine. I do not condone any such thing.

With that being said, I make no apologies for the content of this blog. Yes, most posts will be largely incomprehensible, unjustifiable, rude, ignorant, and self contradictory. Don’t expect anything more.

Ultimate respect goes out to the trail committee, Igor and others. These people sacrifice their time and energy for everyone’s enjoyment. Our comrades’s dedication to the hydrocut ideal is to be commended.

But, all is not well in hydrocut town. All around us people seek to infiltrate the trails with their authority and expertise. They say “do this, not that”, “ride like this, not like that”. And their shadows are cast everywhere.

Make no mistake my comrades. It is palpable on the trees and smelt in the air. They breathe down your neck from behind you. You are never safe. Your outfit never protected from their technocratic stare. They seek to impose on you by any way they can…but, alas, your most powerful weapon and their most valuable target is your mind. And they want it.

Some are easier targets than others. The herd following the Shepherd. These people are easily influenced and absorbed into the line. They enter the cuts as a white slate and come out with the expectations and preferences of our enemy.

Who is this enemy you ask? If you don’t know, we have a lot to discuss…let the revolution begin…brought to you by word press this summer.




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